"I am so happy I found PowerSportsU - I finished all the classes offered and can't wait for more!"
-- Cory Aparicio
Battle Born Harley-Davidson®, NV
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Cory Aparicio, Battle Born Harley-Davidson®, NV
"I am so happy I found PowerSportsU, I finished all the classes offered and can't wait for more. I feel that I have all that is needed to teach a potential customer about any of these top of the line products and close the sale with great confidence. Thank you all for putting this together, I will spread the word!!"
John McCall, Rommel Harley-Davidson®, DE
"The training that earned the patches was painless and fun. I like the self-confidence that came from taking the courses and getting the technical knowledge of all the products. The incentives offered with the course completion are cool, too.

My customers see the patches on my sleeve and ask what they mean, how did I earn them, and where did they come from. That turns into an opportunity to engage them in conversation and sell them products from all those manufacturers. Wearing the patches gives my customer’s confidence in our ability to provide the goods they need to expand their riding pleasure by increasing performance and safety. They know that we can also provide all the goodies to personalize their motorcycles and make them really stand out!

I really appreciate PSU and the chance to learn more. I hope that more companies will offer additional courses. Kudos to PowerSports University."
Michael Canning, Boston Harley-Davidson®, MA
"PowersportsU is such a great selling tool and has made me more confident in selling the parts from such companies as Performance Machine and Progressive Suspension. It’s a program that all stores should use and take advantage of for yourself and your customer’s benefit."
Matt Mitchell, Freedom Harley-Davidson®, Canada
"My training has definitely furthered my qualifications and attention to detail with assisting customers in achieving their goals and making their dreams come true! Thanks you!"
Frank Dressler, Cycle Outfitters, IN
"Every industry brand should be providing this type of training to their dealers instead of handing out promotional freebies and praying for success."
Brian Johnston, Barney's Yamaha/Suzuki, FL
"PowersportsU made a huge difference in our abilities to sell - it's so convenient and free too."
Steven Meska, Hell's Gate Motor & Machine, FL
"Great courses. Make more!"
Fred Overstreet, F&M Powersports, AR
"I love the length and timing of the courses.  Fast and information packed."
Paul Preston, Motorsport Plus, Canada
"Great job...and nobody had to travel to Canada."
Martha Larimer, Mad Dog Custom Cycles, NC
"Thanks.  Even after 25 years in the industry I still learned new things about Mustang, Vance & Hines, Performance Machine and Progressive Suspension I never knew before."
Frank Dressler, Cycle Outfitters, IN
"Completing PowersportsU's courses makes our staff more confident and more excited to be selling these products.  The industry needs more of this."
Richard Ramsay, Lake City Powersports, WA
"More learn and more earn.  All my parts and service staff will keep up-to-date with all you can throw at us."
Chris Tierno, Bergen County Harley-Davidson, NJ
"Great product info and updates.  Very informative and the quick format made them super easy to take."
Billy Black, Barney's Brandon, FL
"I have completed all the current courses and they were great...looking forward to all the new ones to come."
Julian Fox, Rommel Harley-Davidson, DE
"Product knowledge increases confidence, which in turn increases sales...the more you know the more you sell!!!"
Danny Jones, Rommel Harley-Davidson, MD
"One of our staff took one of the courses and then told the rest how great it was. Now close to a dozen of our parts and accessories employees in our 3 stores are taking everything PSU has to offer."
Billy Black, Barney's Brandon, FL wrote:
"I work at Barney's Brandon in sunny Tampa, Florida; since I have taken the course my cashier and two of my employees have also signed up and completed them too. Your site is a great resource for info on great products and how to sell them better."
Mick Saunders, Guildford, England
"The courses I have done so far have helped big time. Not only with the product knowledge, but they have also helped with selling and closing!" As for the new courses that are in the works, Mick says, "I like the sound of it!"