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Founded in 1969, Renthal is the global leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of handlebars, chains, sprockets, grips and other accessories for the off-road, sportbike and ATV market. The Renthal brand enjoys international recognition and is synonymous with its highly engineered, race quality handlebars. 4 of the 5  leading offroad manufacturers chose Renthal as a Tier-1 supplier for handlebars.  This includes Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM.
Renthal’s unmatched brand recognition amongst racing professionals continues to be supported by the company’s multiple racing team sponsorships. It is this ability to use the world’s best race teams and riders to constantly develop and improve our products that helps give Renthal the winning edge.

The following courses are currently available for this brand:

Renthal - Course 1 The Brand…& The Basics

Welcome to Powersports University’s course on Renthal — the Brand…and the Basics. In less than 10 minutes, this tutorial will introduce you to Renthal, a global leader in the manufacturing and design of motorcycle handlebars, chainwheels, grips and accessories for the offroad, street and ATV markets. It will also give you a fundamental orientation on the basics of how Renthal Builds Championships. Two additional courses are also available at Powersports University to show you more of the specific “features and benefits” of Renthal handlebars, chainwheels and related products as well as the best techniques to display, merchandise and sell these market leading products.

Renthal - Course 2 - Features and Benefits

Welcome to the second in a series of Renthal related online learning courses. This “features and benefits” course will teach you the basic Renthal product lines along with their unique selling points. You should FIRST have completed the introductory course entitled: “Renthal — The Brand And The Basics” before taking this course.

Renthal - Course 3 - Displaying & Selling
Welcome to PowersportsU™’s 3rd course in the Renthal series…How to Display and Sell. This course takes what you have learned in the previous 2 courses about the Brand, its features and benefits, then ties it altogether better enabling your customers to enjoy… and you being able to sell… more world-class Renthal performance products.
Renthal Extra Credit - WorksFit™ Handlebar Comparison Tool

We’ve long felt that we needed to provide our users with an easier way to choose the correct handlebar for their application. Riders come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own personal needs and WorksFit™ will be an additional aid in determining the correct bar.

WorksFit™ allows the user to choose their reference handlebar, maybe the OEM bar which came on their specific model, and then choose another bar which they wish to compare it to, and then overlay the two images to see the visual differences in height, sweep, width etc. A complete list of the key dimensions will be shown and the user will get 3 different views to analyze.