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Performance Machine

Performance Machine
Performance Machine has been setting quality standards in the motorcycle industry since 1970 and continues to be the leading aftermarket manufacturer of motorcycle wheels, disc brakes, controls, and accessories. High quality, innovative, functional products are our passion, our core and this philosophy has not changed in 45 years. PM’s quality philosophy extends beyond the shiny surfaces of our product into the veins of every process and procedure within our organization. Our products are recognized worldwide, yet we can proudly say that PM is American Made. You can be assured that when you choose a PM product your are purchasing the brand that set the standards in the industry, the original.

The following courses are currently available for this brand:

Performance Machine - Course 1 - The Brand
Welcome to PowersportsU™ ’s course on Performance Machine — the Brand and the Basics. In less than 10 minutes this tutorial will introduce you to the leading motorcycle disc brakes and wheels company in the world and give you a fundamental orientation of PM. Two additional courses about Performance Machine are also available at PowersportsU™ to show you more of the specific “features and benefits” as well as the best techniques to display, merchandise and sell these world-class products.
Performance Machine - Course 2 - Features & Benefits
Welcome to the second course in a series designed to inform you of the fundamentals needed to sell the premium Performance Machine brand of motorcycle accessories. In the first course we informed you of the brand’s heritage, what it stands for in the industry and it’s basic product line. This course will better familiarize you with the product’s unique selling propositions... by that we mean the technical features, benefits, specific technologies and stringent testing that creates the Performance Machine culture
Performance Machine - Course 3 - Display & Sell

Welcome to the third in a series of on-line training courses from Performance Machine. This course is designed to familiarize you with Performance Machine’s sales programs and selling techniques when it comes to custom wheels, brake systems, and accessories. The goal is to help you to be more effective, increase profitability, choose the proper inventory levels and produce more satisfied riding customers who will revisit your store for repeat purchases.

Performance Machine - Extra Credit - Coures 1 - Design Families

Welcome to Powersports Universitys course on Performance Machine Design Families. This is one of many additional “bonus” courses you’ll find on PSU to help you further your expertise on the PM brands.